My Happy Moment - Achmad Rizal

Achmad Rizal Here,...
Hi Readers ,..
In  this chance i would like to share my experience about " My Happy Moment  ".  ^_^

It  happened when i  sat in high school. When i was young ,I entered in training center of Pencak Silat selection from my school.So i have to prepare the best increase my ability body and mentality.every single day training and training more.
This is my first Tournament , feel like nervous very much.hoho 

approximately a month later i following training centre ,the time is coming.The Tournament is begin as time  as opening ceremony   starting in a while. Many participants following this tournament of Pencak Silat.Before fight i start to warming my body and meditation for prepare my mentality in  order to i can keep calm when i face to face with my enemy.

Suddenly, my name is called by red corner.and time by time i fighting my enemy ,the end i won my tournament.and this is become my first winning from the Pencak SIlat Tournament. ^_^

I think enough from me if i have mistakes from my writing apologize me........     


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